Photobook sale

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Updated list, correct as at 11th May 2017

Reluctant sale of some of my book collection. Prices are about 10-15% below the lowest I can see online for similar copies.

If you’re interested in anything, contact me at

Books are in Stockport, near Manchester. Any postage is at cost price only. I’ll try to delete from here when books are sold, so that the list is current. There may be additional books going on (top of the list), as I reach decisions, so check back later for updates.

Text books

Representation: Cultural representations and signifying practices, Stuart Hall (editor), Sage, 2000, clean and unmarked, but slight crease on front cover.  £8.50

Museums in a digital age, Ross Parry, Routledge, 2010 Excellent condition £19

Art & Illusion: A study in the psychology of Pictorial Representation, E. H. Gombrich, Phaidon, 6th edition, 2003 Good used condition, £10

Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images, Terry Barrett, McGraw-Hill 3rd edition, 2000 £5

The Ongoing Moment, Geoff Dyer, Little Brown, 1st edition, hardback, 2005, fine condition, £9

Photography and Surrealism, David Bate, I.B.Tauris, 2004 Fine, clean condition £14

Latest additions to list *

*Some Cities, Victor Burgin, Reaktion Books, 1996, very fine condition, £15

*Please do not feed, Andy Morley-Hall, Westzone 2001, Excellent condition, £14

*The History of Photography in Pen and Ink, Charles Woodward, A-Jump books, As new, 2009 £9

*Foam issue 34 Spring 2013 [a portfolio of 8 book dummies] FOAM Gallery, As new £19

*Handbook, Elliott Erwitt, Quantuck Lane Press, 2003 dust jacket shows signs of use, but book is excellent and clean £8.50

*Art or Nature: 20th Century French Photography, Exhibition catalogue, hardback, Barbican Art Gallery, 1988, good used condition, pages clean £6.50

*Julia Margaret Cameron (55 series), Phaidon, 2001, good used condition £3.50

*Vanley Burke: A Retrospective, Mark Sealy (editor), Lawrence & Wishart, 1993, v good used condition £16

*Louisiana Saerkatalog 2 William Eggleston (exhibition Catalogue of his best known works): text in English and Danish. A rare book in very good condition £80

*Great Photographic Journeys, John Hannavy, Dewi Lewis, 2007 As new £7

*Teamphoto Brian Griffin 2007 signed some sun-fading on top, right corner of rear cover, otherwise excellent, £11.50

*Snaps Elliott Erwitt, Phaidon, hardback. Signed note that this is the original, unabridged 1st edition [2.7kg] £55

*Water Light Time, David Doubilet, Phaidon, 2002. 45 large format (5 x 7.5 inches) postcards in case, £9

Source Magazine, Summer 2010

Photographs from 1984 to the Present Andreas Gursky, Te Neues 2001. New, sealed £375

Hackney Flowers Stephen Gill, Nobody/AOMC 2007 1st edition (hardback/cloth cover), as new and signed £140

HKP Hong Kong Parr, Martin Parr Gost 2014 Mint, signed. Comes with original bag wrapping and HKP sticker     £33

Still Thomas Struth. Schirmer/Mosel, as New £22

 Japanese photography books of 60’s & 70’s (French text) £34

America 2006: Obvious & Ordinary John Gossage & Martin Parr. Rocket Press 2007. 1st edition, as new £34

The Present Paul Graham. Mack 2012. 1st edition, new sealed   £125

7 cups of Tea Martin Parr Nazraeli Press, 2012. As new. Includes a signed print. £72

7 communist still lives Martin Parr, Nazraeli Press, 1999. As new. Includes a signed print £160

Trip Susan Lipper Dewi Lewis 2000 Hardback, still sealed £18

Pirelli Work Chris Killip Steidl, 2006 Hardback still sealed £26

Translating Place Joy Gregory Impressions Gallery, 2011 fine condition   £6

Love Cube Martin Parr Gun Gallery, 2007 As new, signed & numbered £125

Spezial Fotografie: No.36 (Stern Portfolio) Martin Parr, Stern, 2004. Softback, fine condition £18

Parking Spaces Martin Parr. Chris Boot 2007 £73

A8 Martin Parr, McAslan 2005, New, signed, rare   £69

Strangely Familiar Peter Mitchell, Nazraeli Press 2013 Hardback. 1st edition, still sealed £110

97 Thomas Ruff Actes Sud 1997 Dual text in French and English As New   £37

Flowers Martin Parr, Munken/Browns/Westerham Press. n.b. this is the pink covered, hardback, limited edition version, not commercially available (for trade customers of Munken paper company). Signed and numbered. Fine condition £95

Island Camera, Jim Bennett Creative Monochrome 1992 £7

Photographic Heritage of the Holy Land 1839-1914 Eyal Onne IAS 1980 £12

Along Some Rivers Robert Adams, Aperture 2006, hardback , used, fine   £6

Photie Man Tom Wood Steidl 2005 £32

Photoworks 1982-2007 Joachim Schmid, Steidl 2007 used, hardback, fine   £12

Foto 8 Issue 23 Spring 2008 £9

Shot Up North SUN21 catalogue £3

Three copies of AG

AG Autumn 2010 Number 61 – articles are Tony Ray-Jones, Tim Flach, Takuma Nakahira, Bill Jay, Mark Tweedie, David White, Odette England, Simon Wheatly, Chiara Tocci, A D Coleman.

AG Winter 2010 Number 58 – articles are Simon Roberts [We English], Paul Gallagher, Bill Jay, Larry Fink, Vu magazine, Tom Sullam, Edward Steichen, David Creedon, Richard Littlewood, Nicholas Hughes

AG Summer 2007 number 48: Bill Jay on censorship. Asset Management. Downlandscapes (John Holloway, Tessa Bunney, Keith Penry, Paul Hart, Print Sales, Bob Phillips, Colin Summers

£12.50 for all three