The flow of life: Photographing architecture as populated spaces.

This is the Blog of my practice led research that is located somewhere on the (indistinct) boundary between still and moving images.

A brief biog: I originally worked in computing (mostly as a computer programmer) before escaping to become a photographer for The University of Manchester. From 2007 I have been a tutor for the Open College of the Arts’ Photography degree pathway (BA) .

Since 2008 I have also run a part-time photography business: Insight Images (www.insightimages.co.uk).  I am a 4th Year PhD researcher at MIRIAD (www.miriad.mmu.ac.uk/), Manchester Metropolitan University

Aim: To produce an alternative to conventional architectural photography: one that will show presence and movement within the built environment, over time. It is intended that the resultant images will be of value for research within the architectural design process.

My research investigates questions relating to:

  • The reasons why the representation and mediation of architecture through photography has altered little in the last eighty years.
  • The depiction of temporality in still photography – is this a more ‘real’ depiction of a temporal experience?
  • The nature of ‘stills’ photography, e.g. the perception of movement in still images.
  • The evidential value of images constructed over time and the viewer’s perception of their validity.
  • The assumption that record photography (e.g. within the fields of architecture, museums and archaeology) is produced without interpretation or creativity, with minimal input from the photographer.

I am interested in networking with other researchers who address similar debates, and/or those whose artistic practice aims to inform the design process of the built environment.


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Twitter: DerekTrillo (https://twitter.com/DerekTrillo)

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