A collage of University of Manchester, Waterhouse’s buildings

Some of The University of Manchester’s Victorian buildings along Oxford Road. Includes part of the Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum. Twenty images, taken over a period of ten minutes, collaged together to form one panorama from multiple perspectives.

IMG_0578 2sm


RBS Tower composite at dusk

IMG_0371 comp2 sm

An image composed of two framings. One for the lower (exterior) portion (two exposures – the first includes pedestrians on left side and far right, the second for the traffic trails). The other is a composite of 7 exposures for the upper floors, showing the people framed by the windows over a 20 minute period, as they pack up at the end of the working day (4.40 – 5pm).

The location is the Royal Bank of Scotland building on Deansgate, Manchester