Photography Matters

I’m presenting at the conference Photography Matters in Doncaster tomorrow. A summary of references I use in my paper will be uploaded to this blog.

The current bibliography is here

Photography Matters

Beyond Vision

Beyond Vision was the title of a one day symposium at the Science Museum, London on 12th of September 2015.Beyond Vision_Revelations

The symposium accompanied the exhibition Revelations: Experiments in Photography

On Saturday 21st of November I’ll be leading a study visit to the same exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford, for students of The Open College of the Arts (

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From the accompanying exhibition the quote “As photography’s place within scientific investigation developed, it helped lend form to phenomena that had previously been invisible to the naked eye.” Hence the title ‘Revelations’. Robert Enoch, a fellow tutor at the OCA, commented, ‘…and what the “optical unconscious” divulges, is the technological and visual specificity of photo-graphics. I mean, what photography does that is specific to the medium. In this sense, the exhibition is an education in creative possibilities.’

The exhibition makes you question what a photograph tells us – evidence, reality, construction, automatic machine-made record? The influence of the early photographs on art is only becoming more fully appreciated now, so this exhibition has implications for all arts disciplines.

New book published

I’ve just got my copy of Park Hill: Streets in the Sky, a Dozen Perspectives published by FutureHeritage

12 photographers photographed the enormous Park Hill housing complex in Sheffield on the same day. The book draws together different perspectives on this early post-war deck access development (now a listed structure).

A couple of my images that feature in the book are below

DerekT3 DerekT1

Just registered for four events at ‘The Liveable City – a Danish-British Dialogue in Manchester’

See the registration page on the Danish Embassy’s website:—a-danish-british-dialogue-in-manchester/the-liveable-city-programme/

I’ve signed up for the…

Urban Planning seminar

Screening of The Human Scale

Mending Modernism

and Contemporary use of Historic Structures

Source references with citations: paper presentation in Berlin 30/10/2014

And Yet Still, it Moves.

References for conference presentation Berlin 30th October 2014
Derek Trillo MA ARPS

‘[architectural photography]…the craven image, a lifeless piece of flattering deception foisted on an unsuspecting public by an unholy alliance of architect, photographer and art editor’ (Elwall 1991 quoting Tom Picton, p 63)

Reference to Tom Gunning’s ongoing dialogue with the ‘truth claim’ of photography:
To represent “truth”, it must resemble the object it represents, which is not an inevitable characteristic of an index. (Gunning 2004)

”…photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished, there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again,” (Bourdieu 1996, p 136, paraphrasing Henri Cartier-Bresson)

‘…in order to catch another layer of reality and not to render the real idealistic.’ (Meireis 2012).

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